Climate Income Calculator

Use our Calculator to see how a Climate Income would affect you if you’re in one of the 27 EU countries. To make the Calculator easy to use we’ve made some estimates based on income brackets rather than exact numbers, and the result you get should be viewed as a guide only.

If you're interested in knowing how we calculate Climate Income you can read about the maths behind it.

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How is this calculated?

Estimated Climate Income:

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The estimated payment to each household is based on the emissions for the country and the number of adults and children in your household. This treats all adults equally and makes reasonable calculations for children, with fairness being a key principle in Climate Income. The payments will increase annually for 10 - 15 years.

Estimated pollution charges:

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While everyone contributes to pollution, wealthier families tend to spend more and so have larger carbon footprints. The cost of this will increase over time in the products and services you use. If you’re seeing a large number here, and a negative for your Income Change this means your choices in products and services need to change to feel the benefit of a Climate Income. (The numbers are based on average consumption by income range and are not exact, each family will be different.)